Alpha Tackle MPG Tuna Stick Boat Rod

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  • Light weight high strength heavy duty Fuji HBSG Guide for  heavy duty 
  • Adopts double wrapping excellent in fixing power.
  • Long type front grip that supports standing fight.
  • Graphite gimbal corresponding to "T-bar deca" and rod belt.
  • Eliminate unnecessary "decoration".
  • Adopt Alpha Tackle MPG blanks
  • Complete one-piece blank penetrating to the butt end 
  • Realize excellent control performance that freely manipulates the yellow fin tuna.
  • The recommendation for powerful lever drag reel or electric reel.
  • Made in Japan

※ About Sinker No
Each size = 3.75 gram, so if your rod is recommanded for up to size 20-30, that would be approximately 75-112.5 grams.

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