Alpha Tackle MPG Pacific Sprint Boat Rod

$670.00 AUD

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  • Fuji HBSG Guide used. Light weight, high strength and heavy duty
  • Guide fixing force up. Double wrapping.
  • Triangle reel seat
  • Improved hold performance. Sandblast processing on reel sheet surface 
  • Aluminum nut with locking ring
  • Patently set with rod holder. Aluminum holder position with knurling
  • 360 ° rotatable metal railroad ring. The gait rope does not get tangled. 
  • Support standing fight. Aluminum Gimbal
  • T bar compliance
  • Made in Japan

※ About Sinker No
Each size = 3.75 gram, so if your rod is recommanded for up to size 20-30, that would be approximately 75-112.5 grams.

  • Size 181 is for reef fishes like snappers or middle size blue simmers.
  • Size 182 is for Hiramasa, Kanpachi or bonito.
  • Size 183 is the strongest model of the series to conquer the Yellow Fin Tuna from 30 kg ~. 
  • Three items of standing fight special rods showed active performance of the eighth face six races in the national blue scene this year.

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