2019 NEW Shimano Ocea 8 PE Line 400m

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  • Heat sink coating (# 5-12)

Used for #5 or upper for super-large King Fish and Tuna. The thermal conductivity is about 1/4 lower than water, and it is coated with a special silicon resin that has excellent heat resistance. In addition, we can expect improvement of slippery.

  • "TOUGH CROSS 2" adoption

It evolved further by combining the tough cross method first adopted in EX8 and the VT method to equalize the knitting structure. It contributes to the stability of the power.

It is amazing that the strength is 25% enhanced than the previous version (Ocea EX8 Premium).

  • Casting / Jigging balance thorough examination!

Field verification of slipperiness / hardness balance thoroughly. As a result, air knot / guide trouble decreased.
(By the tester's experience)

  • Color : 5 Colors
  • Made in Japan

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