Shimano Reel Guard PC-031L for Spinning Reel

$22.00 AUD

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  • 3mm cushion fabric for protecting reels
  • Can be stored without folding the handle [SS-M]
  • Separate slot for handles [L]
  • Can strap the reel cover over rods with the reel on
  • Quick dry wet meshes material [SS-M]
  • Waterproof chloroprene rubber that prevents reels from getting wet [L]
  • Please note that the L has a different design. Photo can be seen on the images section
  • Color: Red / Black
  • Size:
    • SS(#1000)
    • S(#2000~C3000)
    • M(#3000~C5000)
    • L(SW)(#5000~30000)


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