Daiwa Tatekake Kun

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  • A convenient rod holder that can be attached to the handrails of sea fishing parks and levees.
  • Maximum mountable diameter: 100mm
  • It is convenient to put a rod on when you remove fish or change food.
  • Shape that does not easily come off the rod from the clip. Made of soft resin material that does not damage the pole.
  • Soft resin material prevents important scratches on the rod
  • The angle can be adjusted, so it's perfect for the place
  • Wave design that makes it easy to hold the rod
  • If you want to move it, folding it in half will not get in the way.
  • It can also be conveniently placed in the back (butt) pocket of jeans!
  • Size: about 19 x 16cm (7×19×4 cm when getting off two)
  • Color: Red, Blue


  • This product is a simple choi holder mat. Please note that the rod may shift due to wind, tide, or pulling of fish.
  • Do not use when wind is strong.
  • The main body is not completely fixed. It may fall from the storage place.

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