Lumica All-in-One Iki-Jime Tool set (L size)

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All-in-One Iki Jime Wire Stick contains the wire and the stick.
The wire is made of shape memory alloy, keeping the flexibility and the straight shape for long-lasting and effective penetration through the spinal cord. (The spinal cord is running on the back side of the spine, while blood vessel is running on the belly side.)

The wire is 80cm long. Good enough for most fish. If the fish is too big, you can penetrate both from the head side and from the tail side. The wire surface is jaggy for effective destruction.

The stick has a firm grip handle and the needle with a sharp point. The needle is hollow like a straw. First you stick the needle to the brain, leave the needle there, put the wire through the hole in the handle, and reach the spinal cord straight on.

This needle is not effective sometimes with big fish or fish like grouper which has hard skull. I would have an ice pick ready for the brain and just use the wire for the spinal cord. Still, the wire itself is worth the money.

Iki-Jime, Close the fish alive!!!


Needle, wire: Stainless steel
Handle: Polystyrene
Plastic tube: Polypropylene

SIZE Wire Size Needle Size
Medium Φ1.2mm x 600mm(L) 120mm
Long Φ1.2mm x 800mm(L) 90mm
 Super Long Φ1.2mm/1000mm AND Φ1.5mm×1300mm(L) 180mm



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