SHIMANO Fireblood Titanium Burley Scoop SY-113P

$150.00 AUD

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  • light weight
  • high-performance
  • titanium, rust resisted and Long-lasting
  • hard to be stuck, and was superior in the durability
  • 2 x drainage holes for excess water to drain


  • SHIMANO original "spiral X" and "high-power X" reinforcement structure
  • A ruler up to 30cm on the shaft
  • Excellent torsional rigidity, thorough elimination of shake during swing, more accurate burleying work


  • Power joint grip II provided better grip shape and material
  • Better shape corresponding to a variety of burleying work no matter how to hold, wheter to cast, etc...
  • easy to control the casting direction even if you do not see it
  • non-slip with wet hands, adopt mat rubber-like coating with excellent durability
  • holder for end rope


  • Float design 
  • Color: Red
  • Cup Size: 20cc (M) ; 30cc (L)
  • Length: 73cm / 80cm / 85cm
  • Material: (cup) titanium, (shaft) carbon fiber, (grip) ABS

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