It’s been quite a long while since my last drummer session and finally it’s time to go for them again!!

Quick solo Sunrise Sydney Harbour action testing out a new improved rig settings 

Murky water from the massive downpour last week companied with nice swell conditions makes the local shy drummers much more active than usual.

1.7 South East swell today at 10-13 seconds allowing the ocean swell to travel into the harbour without losing too much of their power, creating a strong wash area in the North-West side of North Harbour

One of the best things about Harbour rocks drummer fishing as well is that it doesn’t have as much kelpfish as off the ocean rocks and swallowing all the bait n hooks!

Depth:  2m

Rig: 2B Tungsten high density Float, 2B Yozuri Split shot just below the Main Line to Leader Swivel and another G2 split shot around 50cm above the size 10 Gamakatsu Iseama Ring Eye Hook. Addition of half- peeled Banana Prawns would cause the rig and the float to slowly suspend, follow the swell current and drift around the bombies. 

This method allowed me to hook up on a few good-sized drummers, with the No 6 leader allowing me to pluck them out of the reef quick enough and avoid them diving into the bombies and reef me, resulting in 10 drummers caught and none lost, including this 51 cm pig , 6 x 40cm plus models and 3 x 30cm piglets.

Kept this biggest model for a good feed and released all the others 💪🏻

Burley: iCatch Yellow Prawn Crush, Bread, Oats (Slow Sinking) 🍞
Bait: Special scented and Marinated Banana Prawns 🍤

Gear used 🎣:
Rod: 2022 Shimano ISO Basis No 2
Reel: Daiwa 19 Cygnus LBD 3000H
Main Line: Sunline Matsuda Special New Black Stream Mark X (Plasma Rise) #6
Leader: Duel Pink Fluorocarbon Fish Cannot See #6

Float: Duel TG Peace Master M 2B
Hook: Gamakatsu Iseama Ring Eye Hook #10 (Black)


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