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<Gear info: Med Heavy Jigging (200 - 300gm)>

Rod - Truth Japan Trick Star 624
Reel - Shimano Stella SW8000PG
Line - YGK Oddport #3
Leader - Varivas Oddport#3
Hook - Handmade Twin Decoy Pike Hook and Single Gamakatsu

MCworks - Killer4 long, Killer V, Gutter Slim, Bunchin 1.0
Uroco - Long 250&300gm, Original, short
Bozless - Nobunaga, Hatsu, Koji
Beat - Potbelly, Beeline
Hots - Otoko
Tana - Aiya Long

<Fish on the day:>
Cobia, Amber jack, Mactuna, Spanish Mackerel, Snapper, Pearl perch, Red pigfish, Long-nose trevally.

Since last Christmas, the weather has been consistently bad, making it difficult to go offshore. However, this time I had the opportunity and took it.

It has been a while since my last offshore jigging trip, so I brought along and used the new jigging rods, jigs, and other fishing supplies that I had been wanting to use.

The ocean conditions change every day, but on that day, the conditions were unlike anything I have ever experienced before.
Although the tide was initially slow and fish activity was low, I eventually found the bait I needed and caught my target fish as the tide and current shifted.

First up is Truth Japan's Trickstar 624.
Despite using a jig weighing between 150-350 grams, I found it easy to carry out the jigging action from very short jerks to long dropping jerks.
When a slightly larger fish bites, you need to pay a little more attention to fighting, but I think it is an all-rounder type jigging fishing rod that can be used with just one rod in water depths of 100 meters or less if you get used to it while using it.

From now on, as water temperatures drop in South East QLD, currents will weaken.
From now until October, it is a great time for jigging and you can see many fish species through jigging, so if the weather allows, I would like to go out more often and try out many fishing gear.

Finally, if you are interested in trying jigging, it is recommended that you seek advice from an experienced angler.
I think it may be difficult for you to become very interested in jigging if you try with equipment settings that do not suit your physical appearance or settings that do not suit the species of fish.


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