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29-4-2024 ☀️☀️ 6:30am to 8:30am

Early Drummer Season, Monday Morning Action with good friend Raymond

Trekking to and scouting a popular local ledge at Northern Beaches having thought about and looked at it for a lot of times on google map.

Arrived at the spot at Sunrise and took time to observe the swell and study the area.

Decent eastern swell, 1.3 metres at around 8-9 seconds intervals

Noticed swell ripping out strongly in the middle of the rock gutter and on the sides the water is dragged into underneath the ledge. Geology instincts tells me that there might be a sizeable cavern with drummer hiding just right there with the strong swell currents running in.

Rig Used
Fixed Depth at 2 Metres
- Sunline Float stopper line Pink
- Float: Tsuriken ISO FISHING FLOAT ZECT MR 5B 12.2g
- Float Cushion
- Split shot: 5B+2B
- Hook: Gamakatsu Iseama Ring Eye Black 11
Slow Sinking to follow the movements of the swell

Picked this slim profile but relatively high-weight float for its ability to display the bites well with minimal water resistance because of the sharp pointed bottom.

As we burleyed up on the rocks and allowed the washing up swell to drag them downwards into the cavern and then cast our rigs at the front of the swell current and let them drift along the running down wash, drummer were hyper active and smashed the banana prawns swiftly as they sank, some even before the float rig managed to sink and extend

Bright , mostly cloudless morning and Duel’s new leader Technology Invisible Pink Fluorocarbon made a big difference, giving us a big surprise and allowing us to score 27 legal drummers in the span of 2 hours

Swell and Wind gradually picked up and at around eight o’clock it upped to around 1.6 metres and to 10,11-second intervals making it hard to fish anymore. Caught a few more by switching to a 0.8 float and adding split shots but ran out of burley soon because of the wave splashes making them too wet and not sinking well anymore in a strong swell.

Kept 4 40cm s model for a good feed and all else went back in the wash in the best conditions

Burley: 5kg Gold Package ISO Burley Powder ( Higher Density, Higher sinker rate, more sticky) and 3kg Old bread
Available in-store

Bait: Marinated Banana Prawn 🧂🍤

Gear used🎣:
Rod: Gamakatsu Attender III 1.75 5.3m
Reel: Daiwa Tournament Competition LBD
Braid: Duel Hardcore X4 Pro PE 2
Leader: Duel Pink Fluorocarbon FCS #6

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