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Harbour Jigging Session with Shek

It’s nearly the end of shorejigging season and it’s getting tougher and tougher to get bite reactions to metal jigs either off the ocean rocks and inside harbour

A windy and overcast day with low light level, therefore I picked a jig with full glow colour for higher visibility and appeal

A few casts in, did a few slow, gentle long jerks after reaching bottom and then I was onto this very decent sized flounder 😋😋

Honestly very surprised that it took such a long profile jig, credit to the elegant slide fall action of the Neo mimicking injured garfish

Some Fast-pitch Jigging gradually speeding up the Jerks and then letting the jig slide fall with tension provoked this Mac Tuna to hit this rather big jig in the harbour

Jig: Bozles TG Nobunaga Neo 80g All Glow

Excuse the blood, the landing put a bit of shock on it 😅

A bonito was also caught, but the highlight of the session is certainly Shek's octopus which crawled out of the snagged tin can as it was landed and shocked us 😆

Jig used:

Bozles TG Nobunaga Neo 60g, 80g (All glow)

Little Jack 05 40gram Pilchard Colour

Gear used:
Rod: Rod•com Shore Strait SS-98/11
Reel: Shimano Twinpower 5000hg
Braid: Varias Avani Casting PE Max #2.5
Leader: Duel Pink Fluorocarbon FCS #10

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