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19-3-2024 6AM-9AM

Great ISO-session inside the Sydney Harbour today with the legendary @daleli0522 . Forecast predicts wind to be calm, cloudy conditions and a medium-strength run off tide with difference of 1 metre from highest to lowest. We picked a spot at a slightly sheltered bay, usually avoided by other iso fishos because of how much sunlight it gets as soon as the sun rises. As we arrived the weather was consistent with the forecast

Before we rigged up, we casted around 20 scoops of burley to around 25 metres out to get the burley trail flowing first with the run out tide. 

With consistent burleying around 3 scoops every 5 to 8 minutes, overall target species Bream and Trevally were hot on the bite throughout the whole session.

Despite at the beginning the distinct prawn scent of the burley attracted a huge school of yakkas which took and nibbled on every bait that landed in the water. It caused a bit of headache to us in the first hour but a few switches in the rig changed the day completely.

I changed to unpeeled half prawns, 000 float and an addition of g6 split shot 30cm above the hook and another g5 below the double uni knot to allow the rig to spread and straighten up quicker.

We also compressed the burley harder before casting out, the bait successfully sank through the school and stayed close to the bottom, and almost straightaway we were pulling bream after bream with the majority of them over the 30cm mark

A while later a big school of legal-sized Kingfish came smashing through the bait ball and seemingly frightened the bream away as well. As the annoying yt were gone, I switched to a 0 float and took away the split shot to see if they are any trevallies around in the burley zone as they usually follow the pelagics. Peeled the prawn and casted it out to the zone, 5 seconds in and line were already dragged out rapidly from the free-ed spool. Definitely a trevally with the way it swims and fights. Landed this nice 38cm model after a 2 minute battle on the 00 rod

Kept burleying, kept them hot on the bite and caught more while enjoying their powerful runs on light gear.

By 9 o’clock it was time for both of us to pack up and head to work, so we had to call it there. Overall it was a splendid morning session, but for sure we will be bringing stickbait gear next time to get on the kings😏.

Area Depth: 7 metres

Float Rig Type: Free-Running ISO Rig

Float: Tsuriken Ring Type ISO Fishing Float DaiSeikoku 0/000


Kizakura Tide Receiver

Double Uni Knot


Gamakatsu Chinu Black Hook size 5

Gear used 🎣:
—Jason 🙋🏻‍♂️—
Rod: Nissin Zerosum CIM 00-540
Reel: Daiwa Tournament Competition LBD
Main: Agres Kizakura Zenso Semi-Float 1.75
Leader: Duel Pink Flurocarbon 1.5 (6lb)
Float: Tsuriken Daiseikoku Ring type 000/0

—Dale 🙋🏻‍♂️—
Rod: Nissin Zerosum CIM 0.5-540
Reel: Shimano BBX Rinkai Special 1700-XG
Main: Toray Ginrin super strong Neo 1.5
Leader: Toray Super L EX Hyper FC 1.5

Burley: ISO Burley Powder
Bait: ❄️School Prawns

Total Legal Sizes (Jason+Dale)

Catch and Release 💪🏻💪🏻 Kept a few for dinner 

For more photos and the release videos please feel free to visit on instagram posts and Story Highlights

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