Fishing report for Bozles Tungsten Jigs

~ from Andrew Yoon ~

<Tackle Info:>
Rod - Meister factory full solid 0 power personal custom built
Reel - Shimano Stella C3000MHG
Line - Shimano Tanatoru PE1.2
Leader - Seaguar Grandmax 15LB
Hook - Gamakatsu SLJ Hook

<Field condition:>
14m - 25m sand and short reef patch area
Slow current with in tide time and out tide both
Very low fish activity also small bait patcher than other day.

Arrow squid - MATSUKAZE
Maori cod - MATSUKAZE
Flathead - TOKICHIRO 
and many other nibble size fishes


Fished the spot well known place very slow day for fishing also very difficult to find a bait patches.
Current and Wind opposite way made me extra difficult.

TG MATSUKAZE - Good work at slow speed current with 1/2 pitch and also got good bite on long fall action too.
It was a good matching with small bait a day and I guess it will be a good with long fall Dotera style searching.

TG TOKICHIRO - the best bite action on the day with a a little 4-5 times 1/4 wind short pitching jerk than stay and very slow winding.


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