It was windy day out there, but I managed to hook up a fighter. Not even reached 100cm mark, but this kingfish gave me a few really good runs on my Saltiga reel.   

It was nearly 2 knots even when we put two engines on reverse, but luckily I got TG jigs with me. The Bozles tungsten jig Nobunaga Neo worked well on rough condition. It cuts in water smoothly with small profile, makes my line relatively vertical which increases the effectiveness of my jigging actions.

<Gear Info:>

Rod: Truth Japan Trick Star 536

Reel: Daiwa Saltiga 10000P with S.O.M NO LIMIT Spool and Handle

Line: Varivas 10x10 Max Power PE x9 PE5

Leader: Varivas Fluorocarbon 80lb

Jig: Bozles TG Nobunaga Neo 200g Glow Head Silver color

Hook: Suteki Jigger Man #3/0


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